I’ve started this blog to help out my cat Mika during a difficult time in his life. A month ago he was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a very threatening form of cancer for cats that materializes as a tumor on their tongue.

In order to give Mika the best quality of life, and perhaps even extend the time he has left to a few years instead of a few weeks, my husband and I opted to treat him with radiation and chemotherapy to keep the cancer at bay.

So far, the results have been good. But it’s extremely expensive, and the debt we’ve accrued in the past month has been staggering.

In order to keep supporting my cat, I’ve decided to start a fund raiser. And what better way to do that then with a new line of jewelry dedicated just to him.

Mika loves being outside. And he loves helping me out in the studio. So while he’s going through treatment, I thought he could help me make this line of jewelry to help raise money for his cancer treatment.

I’ll be making it over the next couple weeks, and once it’s complete, the new jewelry will be available for purchase at a variety of prices. Follow me here to track my progress, and Mika’s too.

mika after treatment with his new feeding tube